Case Briefs

The Law Review works to serve the North Carolina legal community by providing updates on recent North Carolina Supreme Court and 4th Circuit cases.

Case Brief: Committee to Elect Dan Forest v. Employees Political Action Committee, Kate Giduz

Case Brief: In re Triangle Capital Corporation Securities Litigation, Ian Maddox

Case Brief: Lemon v. Myers Bigel, P.A., Ian Maddox

Case Brief: Heyer v. United States Bureau of Prisons, Pooja Ramchandani

Case Brief: Chazz Roberts v. Glenn Industrial Group, Inc., Margaret Hay

Case Brief: United States v. Ellis, George Dylan Boan

Case Brief: Newman v. Stepp, George Dylan Boan

Case Brief: Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board, Sabrina Y. Greer

Case Brief: DTH Media Corp v. Folt, Gabrielle L. Motsinger

Case Brief: State v. Robinson, Sarah A. Benecky

Case Brief: N.C. State Conference of NAACP v. Berger, Sarah A. Benecky

Case Brief: United States v. Curry, Laura E. Johnson

Case Brief: State v. Hobbs, Meredith I. Lewis

Ryan Collins digs into the 4th Circuit’s recent decision about what happens when a government official interacts with her constituents on social media. Davison v. Randall, 912 F.3d 666 (4th Cir. 2019).

Will Bowers discusses how the North Carolina Supreme Court continues to leave several corporate law questions unanswered in Piazza v. Kirkbride, 372 N.C. 137, 827 S.E.2d 479 (2019).

Kelsey Cullinan Reed examines the North Carolina Supreme Court’s decision regarding what findings are necessary to say that a parent has not made reasonable progress on a case plan. In re B.O.A., 372 N.C. 372, 831 S.E.2d 35 (2019).

Will Bowers looks at the potential impacts of the Fourth Circuit’s holding in Dominion Energy, Inc. v. City of Warren Fire & Police Ret. Sys., 928 F.3d 325 (4th Cir. 2019).

Ryan Collins looks at the North Carolina Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Grady that upheld lifetime Satellite Based Monitoring for certain offenders as a reasonable search. State v. Grady, 372 N.C. 509, 831 S.E.2d 542 (2019).

Kelsey Cullinan Reed sums up In re J.A.M. which discusses what kind of evidence is necessary to find that a child has been neglected. In re J.A.M., 372 N.C. 1, 822 S.E.2d 693 (2019).